“When I was 7 years old, I wanted to visit the inside of tv channels. Feel their promotional bumps, walk into their advertisements.”

Cloudbusting began as a counter reactive typeface to Luna’s typography professor’s final assignment.

A chair will always be a chair no matter how you design it.” 

Rejected the traditional and embraced the transcendental. 

This was no longer about typography. There was an opportunity to worldbuild.

Cloudbusting took the shape of a digital manual presenting a parasocial relationship with popculture and design.


Using familiar editorial templates, the work below mimics inkblots. No intention in its nature, only to help the viewer excercise their familiarty with media.

Working with marginalized people, Luna frames them in these fantastical images made to celebrate their identities in forms of microcosms, putting everyday kids on technicolor pedestals and designing their nameplates like crowns.

Cloudbusting (2022)