Lorem, Spotify’s Gen Z playlist of rising artists.

Designed Lorem’s artcover ‘O’  icons.
Developed stills for handheld and desktop specs.
Directed record label’s select stills for weekly updated artist covers.
Weekly check-in with art directors to approve pitched deliverables.

Lorem Project Managers
Senior Art Director, Alessandra Bautista
Design Manager, Tina Snow Le

The O in Lorem



Designed unique ‘O’ icons for each artist based on their genre/album themes. 
Delivered iterations for editorial design team approval. 

Edited record label images for desktop deliverables.
Selected stills from record label artist media kit.

Westfield Trade Center


Produced 14 playlist displays.
Worked with record label stills to produce prints.
Delivered permanent installation at Westfield Trade Center.
Reviewed each playlist branding guideline to translate digital assets onto large print formats.
Daily check in with editorial design team for stakeholder deliverables.

WTC Project Managers
Senior Art Director, Alessandra Bautista
Senior Art Director, Ben Sifel
Design Manager, Tina Snow Le

Mockup Design

Designed label’s stills with bespoke graphics.