Overlooked GBA’s monthly creative campaigns for artists.
Produced product shots of artwork for shopify site.
Led branding and identity for social and installation work.
Developed GBA’s PR identity through partnerships, brand sponsorships, and publishings.

GBA Team
CEO, Derek Wiggins
Chief Creative Director, Karen Wong
Community Manager, Vincent Campagna

Installation with partner Ace Hotel Brooklyn.

Leading Swamp Party

Developed campaign logo and identity.
Space installation and formatting.
Overlooked and designed Swamp Party’s campaign.

Swamp Party celebrated New Orleans Afro-Indigenous group, the Duvernay Collective, who deliver a collection of embroideries used in their Mardi Gras performances.
Full Video ︎︎︎Designed & directed video assets (film by Medina Brothers).
GBA Logo and Treatment

Designed & directed video assets

Night of the event (Images by Ace Hotel Team)
Flyer Iterations
Logo Process & Product


What is GBA?

Co-founded by Derek Wiggins, SVP of Constellation & Karen Wong, previous Deputy Director of The New Museum, GBA is an art and lifestyle brand for the creative unseen.


Connecting outsider artists with buyers to create new relationships beyond the gallery system.

Content Manager Role
Leading GBA’s identity through consistent branding and world building.

Monthly Artist Campaign Highlights

Produced product shots and managed shopify assets.


Directed GBA’s social identity through our interactions with publications and social media

Article on Cultured Here

Photography by Dominik Tarabanski (Cultured)
Design by Luna Alatorre (Cultured)

Photography by Rebecca Smeyne (The New York Times)
Design by Luna Alatorre (The New York Times)

Photography by Luna Alatorre (Complex)