The League Championship Series is the top level of professional League of Legends in the United States and Canada. 

Developed digital and print mockups for branding deliverables.
Applied original typefaces, iconography, and bespoke graphics to promotional material.
Daily planning with art directors to present progress to stakeholders

LCS Team
Fellow Designer, Sab Mai
Senior Art Director, Yuriko Zubia
Senior Art Director, Ana Realmuto

Mood curated by LCS team.

Understanding the Culture.

League of Legends has built a plethora of loyal players from all around the world. Through the years, LCS accumulated a fan culture promoting sportsmanship and different ways of celebrating their favored teams.

Mission from Inisight: Develop a unified system of exceptional design that our players, fans, and partners can rally around. 

Product & Process

Developed mockups for handheld specs and desktop. 

Used LCS team assets for banner designs with approved color schemes and typeface.

Exploring Assets

Further developed work through the use of approved assets such as the primary, abbreviated, and stacked LCS design lockups. Also used the typeface, Klub (designed by Pierre Pané-Farré, Klub) for varied use.

Scoreboard Iterations and mockups.